Front view Aaa7 正面 (the photo shows the optional marble top plate.)


Uses a large size machined volume knob made from solid aluminum


The front center panel and side panels made of thick solid aluminum create a high-quality feel and a profound feeling.


Equipped with a marble top plate as a option to bring out more luxury

Backside view Aaa7 背面 (the photo shows the optional marble top plate.)


Equipped with 2 series large speaker terminals
Equipped with 3 line inputs.

バランス入力1系統装備(バランス端子は3ピン構造のため、音声信号を平衡信号で伝 送でき、外来ノイズの影響を少なくすることができます。)

Equipped with one balanced input system (Since the balanced terminal has a 3-pin structure, audio signals can be transmitted as balanced signals, and external noise can be reduced.)


Equipped with 5 digital input terminals
Equipped with a marble top plate as a option to bring out more luxury

Inner view Aaa7 内部


Rugged structure to prevent inxterference
Five sealed design strucure,power supply, input, energy storage and left and right
channels are strictly independent which gretly reduces the free electromagnetic in the box
we use a large comb shaped aluminum high-efficiency heat sink to improve heat dissipatin and give the sufficeint power to the power supply circuit.

Basic specifications:基本使用

定格出力 Rated output: 80W+80W 8Ω負荷
160W+160W 4Ω負荷
周波数特性 Frequency characteristics 20Hz〜70KHz(+1.0dB/-3.0dB)
全高調波歪率 Total harmonic distortion 0.08% at 1kHz by 100W.
S/N比 S / N ratio 90dB
外径寸法 Outer diameter 445(W) x 210(H) x 470(D) mm
重量 weight 37.30Kg